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A Business Transformation System that helps enterprises manage large scale global changes

Collaborative Solution Design and Deployment

Effective stakeholder engagement is critical to the success of business transformation programmes. Delivery of change accelerates when stakeholders directly collaborate. As a centralised business transformation system, ASSIST facilitates collaboration by providing global access, encouraging consistency, and enabling stakeholders to easily edit or review both management and operational models.

Implemented for scalable cloud deployment and with a modern HTML5 web interface, ASSIST enables efficient collaboration when designing and deploying changes, enabling managers to monitor performance and maximise value.

Business managers and subject area specialists are able to collaboratively edit and review operational models directly in a web browser, with the system ensuring a consistent high quality output. This generates greater buy-in from stakeholders, removes the need to use specialist authors, and ensures only one central copy of the process exists.

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Read 'Sustainable improvements', for a greater insight into how ASSIST will help you maximise ROI on your business changes.


releasing your company's potential

ASSIST® Collaborative design: Intuitive online process design and navigation.

ASSIST helps organisations with:

  • Systematic and efficient changes
  • Single integrated business view
  • Scaleable adoption of new practices
  • Effective stakeholder engagement
  • Reduced cost for change programmes
  • Maximised ROI from business changes
  • Reuse from previous change projects
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"ASSIST is a big step forward compared to previous tools."

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Sustainable improvements

Management and operational models created can be used directly for staff communication and training, either through the web interface, through SharePoint, or exported as PowerPoint. With role-based views, communication to staff can be optimised for what they actually do and presented in context with the wider business.




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