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Improving performance

Transforming the operations at a complex production plant, improving output, safety and operational efficiency

"An example of great collaboration between central engineering and local plant production teams"

- Client Programme Lead


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A multinational organisation operates a large number of complex production plants in different remote locations. Multi-disciplined teams of experts work together to protect and operate each plant, with a strong emphasis on safety along-side maximising operational efficiency and output.

This client recognised the potential value of capturing and remotely displaying real-time plant operating data to improve operational performance and to facilitate better decision-making, and had developed a new plant surveillance IT system for this purpose. Early releases of the technology had revealed the need for significant re-modelling of existing activities, processes and staff organisation if potential benefits were to be realised.


What we did
Morphix worked with our client's central experts over 9 months to develop an integrated operating model for aspects of production operation touched by the new technology, and to successfully introduce these new ways of working in parallel with the new IT system.

The new operating model, defined using Morphix unique methods, incorporated processes and activities performed, the roles needed and the use of the real-time information available from the new IT system by these roles. A pilot project was established at one of the plants in North America, and production engineers impacted by the new processes were engaged in the development of procedures, detailed task breakdowns and assignment of responsibilities to roles, ensuring they were locally applicable, with increased ownership and adoption. Morphix comprehensive transformation approach was used to introduce new and sustainable working practices in conjunction with the IT system roll-out.


The new operating model has revealed the opportunity for fewer maintenance tests on the plant per year, resulting in increased plant efficiency. Use of the real-time data has enabled early warning of emerging problems and the pro-active interception of issues before plant shutdown and loss of production becomes necessary. Production has increased through better visibility of the plant configuration, and the productivity of production engineering resources has increased as they are able to work in response to alerts and updates as opposed to continuous routine monitoring.

The adoption of standard and repeatable ways of working that are validated by subject-matter experts assures senior management of the integrity of the operation and plant.

The project has provided the client with a value of $15.5M in improved performance over 5 years.


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"this has given us more efficiency through having procedures in place, and with clear roles and responsibilities."

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Transmitting know-how

Following a successful pilot project, to improve the performance of a large complex production plant in the United States through the introduction of new ways of working supported by new real-time surveillance technology (see 'Improving performance') , our client asked us to deploy this operating model and supporting technology to three additional production environments in Europe. Enhancements had also been made to the technology to enable additional aspects of plant operation to be monitored, requiring an extension to the operating models.




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