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Leveraging technology

Implementing a systematic and repeatable method for prioritising, developing and deploying advanced technologies that creates business value

"... we fully expect this to become a standard way of operating in the future"

- Client Programme Lead


releasing your company's potential

The central technology group of a global operator supports its worldwide operations with the remit “business improvement through innovative technologies”. The group wanted to ensure that it specified, prioritised and developed advanced technologies that were aligned to business needs. It faced challenges in deploying technology into a global and diverse environment, and realising sustained local adoption and value from their investment in technology.

Our client also realised that impacting business performance required more than technology – there was a need for effective stakeholder engagement, programme management, business change, support services, training and integration with local processes and working practices.


What we did
We advised the client on the use of holistic Business Transformation methods and tools. Morphix methods were adopted by the client, and through our consulting services helped to deliver key programmes with a consistent and repeatable approach across the USA, UK, Scandinavia, Europe, Africa and Asia. Morphix also developed and supported a “Process Portal” for client staff across the world to use, which allowed them to navigate a centralised business process reference model for development and adoption of new working practices.


Our client now has a consistent and effective method for ensuring the right technology is prioritised, developed and deployed effectively. They have a way of managing a global technology development and deployment programme that is repeatable, and the value of their work can be demonstrated through the success of individual programmes.


management consultancy from morphix

"Morphix helped us to start in the right place, rather than starting with something which then needed to be changed."

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Enabling collaboration

Our client had invested hundreds of millions of pounds in the development of a new production facility, capable of processing thousands of tonnes of raw material every day. Significant challenges were anticipated in bringing the production facility on line for the first time, and due to its scale and location this was to be the most complex start-up operation our client had ever undertaken.




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