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Building winning bids

Improve your bid building and win more contracts using the knowledge that already exists within your organisation...

MetaSight’s innovative ‘capture and connect’ methodology accesses knowledge from deep within your company and makes it accessible to literally everyone with a key to the system. The application of this knowledge for the good of individuals, clusters, wider networks and ultimately the whole organisation, is limitless.

In this example we look at how MetaSight can improve the fiscal efficiency of bid building to secure contract renewal or enhance competitive proposals for winning new business. Let’s start by looking at a typical example of how an organisation without MetaSight would go about this task.

Imagine… you are responsible for bidding to win a lucrative new contract with Company X. Your product is excellent and you have a dynamic team in your department, but none of them have dealt with this client before or the companies who are bidding against you. You ask around your immediate network and come up with limited information, so you are forced to employ an expensive external consultant to help you formulate a proposal based on general information that is freely available to all. Problem is… you know this isn’t going to give you the edge you’re looking for.

Now imagine again… this time you have MetaSight at your disposal. The system has been tracking over 50,000 e-mail a day generated by your organisation, capturing data and building advanced network profiles clustered around topics that define your business culture, e.g. Sales, Marketing, Suppliers, News, Ideas, Employment, Company X and Company Y, etc. Searching this captured data allows you to connect with anyone of your 20,000 employees who might have mentioned or talked with Company X. Your results can be ranked according to frequency and relevance giving you an instant dream team of individuals to create a ‘power network’ that is able to feed target-relevant data back to your team regardless of whether they are just up the road or on the other side of the world.

Before long you are building a true picture of Company X, understanding their work ethic, company values, what kind of people they like to employ, how they see their future growth, what type of companies they like to do business with, what supplier problems they have encountered before, why they want your widgets and maybe how much they would be prepared to pay for them.

Using this information, you tailor your bid to hit the right key notes and to emphasise your advantage over your competitors e.g. we offer global distribution but centralise payment procedures, we assign personal account managers and won’t change them every 6 months, we source raw materials from renewable resources, we can offer interim storage for orders in excess of 1,000,000, etc.

It’s not hard to see how MetaSight’s ‘capture and connect’ works in this scenario – it simply helps you realise that the knowledge you need is the knowledge you already have.



Winning Bids: Putting forward the most attractive offer is always a challenge - but thanks to MetaSight there are easy ways to help your bid outshine the competition.

Power Networks: MetaSight flags all users in your organisation who have referenced a particular company inviting you to bid for a lucrative contract, helping you build a power network of internal experts.

Unlimited Reach: Your network knows no geographical boundaries - so it extends far beyond the reaches of your own department.

Question and Response: Background information is streamed to you via e-mail allowing you to create a competitive bid and avoid the need for expensive external consultants.

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"MetaSight can filter and customised bespoke news feeds direct to my workstation..."

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